About me.

An out-of-the-box, hands-on art & creative director, who's fun, creative, and an engaged thinker in the areas of integrated design, strategic marketing, and brand management.

More about me..

I’ve managed both creative and development teams in several high-level positions at various companies ranging from successful start-ups to long-standing institutions. My diverse background and infectious energy has allowed me to apply multiple disciplines to projects (from concept to completion) and inspire any additional team members to push the boundaries to achieve their best work.

My work has been recognized by MSNBC for my e-commerce designs and has also been featured in multiple publications for breaking molds in design.

One of my prouder projects is RaceFuelZ, which has allowed me to further branch out into consumer product goods (CPG), launching the brand from concept to supermarket shelves. 

Awards &

Design Your Own Homepage

Jan 1, 2002 Publisher: AVA/Sterling

Dreamweaver MX Design and Technique

Jan 1, 2002 Publisher: Sybex Featured in the Inspiration, Design and Technique. 

MSNBC Top 10 E-Commerce Site Of The Year

Motherboard Inc. 1999

Ducati Site Of The Year

1998 & 1999 Fast By Ferracci Top Honors for Web Design by Ducati Motor SPA.

past & present

Hickory Farms, Ferracci Ducati, Texas Instruments,  Charles Schwab, Phaelzer, Suomy Helmets, RaceFuelZ, Netsville, Fresh Nutrition, Yamaha Motor Corp, Hanzell Winery, DriveSavers, Mat Mladin, HMC Ducati, sPanels, Syufy Enterprises, RUBY Living as well as various other Creative Agencies.

Public Speaking

I have appeared in numerous television shows-which has given me the background to address clients and inspire others in a public speaking position.

A full list of those TV credits can be seen on my IMDB page.  My most notable credits are from Star Trek The Next Generation, China Beach,  Midnight Caller and I appeared in 95 episodes of a FOX teen soap called Tribes.