I'm a designer who's passionate about creating stunning, beautiful, functional designs. If you're looking for a new logo, website, product design or printed collateral, then we should talk. 


What Do I Do?

My job as a designer & creative director begins with passion.  

Responsible for the design and execution of all visual and corporate communication systems as well as management of the team in charge of any design or  development.

I've been fortunate to have my work featured on numerous sites and my sister company, Mojotown has been used at Indiana State University as a case study for many many years. The Mojotown website has been published in a few web development and design books for inspirational thinking and different ways of doing things.

Awards &

Design Your Own Homepage

Jan 1, 2002 Publisher: AVA/Sterling

Featured in the metaphor section of Molly's book, she explains how to keep things simple and focuses on the importance of navigation, this is something that back in 2001 when we created Mojotown's animated site, we left behind the mold of static navigation like, about us, our work, who we are. Once inside Mojotown the user is in control and it's up to you to drive and mojovate our hero to go places and interact with our site.

Dreamweaver MX Design and Technique

Jan 1, 2002 Publisher: Sybex

Featured in the Inspiration, Design and Technique. Mojotown's current site which is all based in Flash, still stands the test of time and is currently celebrating it's 17th year in it's current form. Soon to be redone in Adobe CC (animate) the site allows you to hop aboard our Mojovator, ride the Subway and explore the creative services in a unique fun manner. Take a spin and you will see what it's all about. http://www.mojotown.com

1999 MSNBC Top 10 E-Commerce Site Of The Year

Motherboard Inc. Fun Recycled Computer parts sold in an engaging manner.

Ducati Site Of The Year

1998 Fast By Ferracci Top Honors for Web Design  awarded by Ducati Motor SPA.

1997 Fast By Ferracci Top Honors for Web Design  awarded by Ducati Motor SPA.

past & present

Hickory Farms, Ferracci Ducati, Texas Instruments,  Charles Schwab, Phaelzer, Suomy Helmets, RaceFuelZ, Netsville, Fresh Nutrition, Yamaha Motor Corp, Hanzell Winery, DriveSavers, Mat Mladin, HMC Ducati, sPanels, Syufy Enterprises, RUBY Living as well as various other Creative Agencies.